The Instigators LIVE: Episode 10: Parlez vous francais?

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The Instigators were operating shorthanded this week with only Billy, Dale, and Barry mixing it up. Way back on December 17 Montreal fired head coach Jacques Martin. Assistant Randy Cunneyworthwas appointed interim head coach for the rest of the season. Cunneyworth is on the rise, but the fact that he cannot speak French was a very sore subject to the French media. General manager Pierre Gauthier actually went so far as to issue an apology two weeks after the appointment touched off the language flap. It has been 40 years since the Canadiens were least led by a coach that was not fluent in French.
Montreal Canadiens have a lot to be upset about with their hockey team, but the language their coach speaks should be the least of their concern. As long as he can adequately communicate with the players, that should be enough. Maybe stay focused on your “best” players fighting during practice, the anemic power play, a soft roster filled with only a handful of plus players, lack of a decent back-up goaltender, the fact that Hall Gill still plays 18+ minutes a night, etc.

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