About Us

It's hard to believe, but Sully's has entered its 17th season!

Compared to the big, established sports apparel companies, we are a relatively small regional brand - but we're about to make a pretty bold claim.

We revolutionized the sports apparel business.

When we headed out with backpacks to sell our wares to the crowds leaving Fenway Park sixteen years ago, the whole concept was to start manufacturing merchandise that had slogans that you couldn't get at the pro-shop.  I set out to create a brand that was based on what the fans wanted to say - to their friends AND to their rivals. It was a simple idea. Make the t-shirts that you had to have, couldn't get anywhere else, and everyone asked you about.  We've helped Boston fans world-wide literally wear their emotions on their tees.

And the big guys took notice.

The bold aesthetic that we've fine tuned over the years might be getting coopted by the blue chip apparel brands, but that's the way it goes when you're the innovator.  Sully's is the craft beer that is changing how the Bud's are doing business these days, and our small size keeps us nimble and always on the cutting edge, just ahead of our competition. 

Our passion for all things Boston helps us to create original apparel and merchandise that not only lets you rep your city, but also look great doing it, so thank you for joining us on our journey!

- Chris Wrenn

Sully's Brand Founder