20 Years Ago Today...

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20 years ago today, the NY Post ran a story about the Red Sox / Yankees rivalry that included a photo of Sully's founder Chris Wrenn selling “Yankee Hater” tees on the sidewalk outside of Fenway Park. Boston hadn’t won a World Series in 86 years and Sox fans were bitter, especially on the heels of Aaron Boone’s game-ending walk off during the 2003 ALCS. What you can’t see in this NY Post pic is the first Sully’s #BelieveInBoston tee, which debuted a few weeks before. Two decades later, Chris is still at it and in true Sully’s style our latest tee was available on the sidewalk on Opening Day courtesy of @TheFenway, as part of our ongoing Believe In Boston 20th anniversary collabs. One of many we’ll be unveiling this year, so keep the faith and always BELIEVE IN BOSTON!

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