Believe In Boston®

The winter before the 2004 baseball season in Boston was long. Months earlier, the Red Sox had lost dramatically to the New York Yankees after Aaron Boone hit a season-ending home run off knuckleballer Tim Wakefield in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. Boston fans were crushed, but it was a familiar feeling. Generations of similar last-moment letdowns had made hating the Yankees a part of the fabric of Red Sox Nation. Still, after four years of peddling “Yankees Suck” merchandise outside of Fenway Park, the choir we'd been preaching to had grown apathetic. We realized that instead of focusing our energy on our rivals, we should be putting it into lifting our hometown up. In March of 2004, Sully’s started printing a new slogan on t-shirts: “Believe In Boston.”

Twenty years later, we still believe. Check out the full Sully's Brand "BELIEVE IN BOSTON" collection HERE!