nAGLY (North Shore Alliance of GLBTQ Youth) is a Salem, Massachusetts based organization where youth can discuss issues of importance to them, to explore their identities, to build self-awareness, and to learn skills for being safe and healthy. Through group building and community service opportunities, the youth and staff at nAGLY have created a strong community which promotes respect for self and for others. Youth of all sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, classes, and abilities  are welcome and celebrated.  Young people who are unsure or questioning are supported as they remain in transition or examine possibilities carefully and in a developmentally appropriate manner.

To help assist their efforts in the community, Sully's founder Chris Wrenn and his now 8 year old daughter Georgia are offering a series of her illustrated rainbow themed "Pride" products for sale, with the profits benefitting nAGLY. 

We are proud to announce that sales from Georgia's rainbow collection have resulted in donations totaling $5,794.22 to Salem based nAGLY to date!

Find out more about nAGLY and the programs and events that they offer by visiting their website HERE, and purchase Georgia's Pride products HERE.