The Instigators LIVE: Episode 9 – Merry Christmas

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On this week's installment of The Instigators LIVE Tom was moderating the discussion between Billy J, Barry P, and everyone’s favorite play-by-play commentator Jack Edwards.
It was an eventful episode, but since it was the holiday season the Instigator’s debated what was the best gift received around the league this off-season?  
For the Sully's Crew (aside from the Bruins Stanley Cup run), it has to be moving the Thrashers out of Atlanta back north of the boarder to Winnipeg. Yeah, the building is not the biggest or most modern barn in the league, and yeah Winnipeg is not the most fun city off the ice for players, but DAMN their fans love hockey. The Winnipeg Arena is sold-out every night and the entire place is going nuts like the student section at a big time college football game. The best hockey towns in America cannot truly match that intensity and love for the game. One can only hope with Winnipeg already a wild success, Pheonix relocating to Quebec cannot be far behind.

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