The Batter's Box – Episode Eleven Capsule

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Another spot in the semi-finals was at stake in week eleven of the Boston Baseball Tournament. Andrew came out swinging for the fences in the first, but was not able to advance a runner past second base, missing badly on some answerable questions. Bill can be slow with his answers but it is worth the wait as his response is usually correct. Bill grabbed control of the game, scoring three runs in the first, by remembering the correct amount of reitred numbers (eight) and that Yaz was born in New York.
Neither player was able to score any runs in the second as Stephen served up some tricky questions, including one about the size of the run markers on the Green Monstah. Can’t blame Andrew for not knowing that Rudy York managed and lost his only game as a Red Sox manager. Sox have finished dead last eleven times, who knew? DA didn’t like Bill’s declaration of favor for cougars and implored the crowd to root for Andrews despite his extreme confidence. Andrew was finally able to score a run in the third, but it was too little too late. The game ended when Andrew missed another home run that would have tied the game. Stoic and tan Bill lived to fight another day, coasting on his strong first inning. Again, Stephen steals the show busting Andrew for his unkempt appearance and open toed sandals.

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