The Batter's Box – Episode Ten Capsule

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Either Matt or Mike was going to punch their ticket to the semi-finals this week on the Batter’s Box. Mike put himself up 2-1 at the end of the first inning with a two run triple by remembering that Jonathan Van Every played six games with the local nine in 2009. I knew there had to be a question about it at some point; we’ll likely never see two rookie seasons as great as the Gold Dust Twins(Rice and Lynn) again. Future contestants would be wise to read up on Babe Ruth because it seems like there is at least one or two questions about him every week.
Matt was unable to score any runs in the second, but Mike again scored two runs in his last at bat with a triple. Come on Matt, Nick Green did not get on first in stealing situations enough to steal eleven bags. Oh Butch Hobson, Red Sox manager and recreational drug user. We like Matt’s balls going for the grand slam to take the lead in his final at-bat, but he was unsuccessful as he forgot who is the Sox all-time leader in stolen bases (Harry Hooper). Mike emerged victorious by the final score of 4-1.  
Glad to see Stephen calling out Norwood on their longer than a mile “Auto Mile”.

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