The Batter's Box – Episode Eight Capsule

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The final first round match-up featured Kara squaring off against “die-hard” Yankee fan Stephen. Not quite sure how a Yankee Fan got through casting, but we instantly turned against him when he learned his allegiance. Kara raced out to a surprising 2-0 lead in the first inning as she did not miss a question while Stephen missed several opportunities to score swinging for the fences. They were not correct answer choices, but old second basemen Jeff Frye and Scott Fletcher brought back memories of sadly wasted Red Sox seasons.
Technically the Sox did not acquire Keith Foulke from Oakland as they signed him as a free agent, but I guess we are splitting hairs. The fact that Teddy Ballgame could win the AL batting title at the ripe old age of forty is beyond incredible. Stephen tied the score up 2-2 in the second as Kara stumbled with the help, or lack there of, from her fiancé. We thought Kara had a chance at winning right up until she got the 2004 ALCS MVP question wrong by selecting Dave Roberts. I mean come on, it was an unbelievable steal but that was his only play. The depth of Stephen’s baseball knowledge won the day and the game in the third.  Rico Petrocelli, my favorite window boy.  
PS – Nice tie Stephen Donovan and great joking around this episode.

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