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September 1, or Moving Day, is the unofficial end to summer in Boston. The athletes and some freshman have been back since mid-August, but Moving Day brings all the students and young professionals out of the woodwork. With their leases expiring and the grass always greener, everyone packs up their crap on one day and moves it across the city.

Since Moving Day is difficult on everyone involved even in perfect conditions, Sully’s Crew thought we would hook you guys and gals up with a solid offer: FREE shipping on all orders $25 and up! Just apply coupon code SEPT1 during checkout to receive your discount. Since the Comcast guy isn’t in a rush to hook up the internet to your Mission Hill tenement, this offer will only be good through September 3, so don’t delay!

We offer you a few quick tips to survive Moving Day.
-Move any other day of the year.
-If you have to move on Moving Day, move early in the morning and late at night to avoid the heat and traffic.
-Don’t take your rented van or truck on Storrow Drive. You will crash into a bridge, cause a major back up, and never forgive yourself.
-Stay calm and relax. Everything might not go as planned, but you will get it done, even if it takes all day.
-If you have roped your friends into helping you move, be sure to supply them with plenty of beer and pizza. Nothing says Moving Day like getting your friends drunk and having them haul your delicates up nine flights of stairs.
-Throw things away in a dumpster; don’t just leave them on the side of the road in front of your old apartment! The sidewalk is for walking, not for an unsupervised endless yard sale of crap no one wants.
-If not moving, take the day off and get out of the city.

We wish everyone the best of luck with their move and new apartments. Now get out their and meet your new neighbors.

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