The Batter's Box – Episode Two Capsule

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Jimmy and Katie squared off in week two of the Batter’s Box tournament. After last week’s blowout in the opening game, everyone was hoping for a better game and viewers were not disappointed.
Both players got off to a slow start in the first inning, failing to move their base runners past first base. The best question without a doubt involved identifying which Red Sox player once stated that he could “will himself invisible.” Too bad Sully’s wasn’t around when those words were spoken because it would have made a killer Sully’s tee. Jimmy and Katie both hit their stride in the second inning plating two runs. Great to see Quincy’s Ken Coleman as an answer choice. Jimmy narrowly escaped with a 4-2 victory in the third inning as Katie barely missed tying the game with a difficult home run question in her last at bat. It is too bad these two had to match up in the first round because they both seemed like interesting people and intense competitors. One can only wonder what other random things Jimmy will expound on in the next episode.

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