When Conan O'Brien Asks for Something, You Make It Happen

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A couple of weeks ago, Chris from Sully's sent Conan O'Brien a "quarantine care package from Boston" with a few of our t-shirts in it. One such tee, our retro "Zakim Bridge" design scored a three minute cameo and critique by Conan during his monologue, where he referred to it as "phallic" and how it didn't remind him of his childhood (as the bridge was built in 2003 and he'd left Boston in 1985). He said that if we wanted to send him a t-shirt to remind him of his childhood (as he'd left Boston in 1985), that it should "have his father knocking a hotdog out of his hand cause Jim Rice dropped a fly ball."*

Well, with the help of Fenway Park caricature artist Michael Horvath, we have.

Available for a limited time, HERE!

* "My father never did actually knock a hot dog out of my hand, but it's a Freudian nightmare of mine. My dad is a sweet and brilliant man, but I'll lie about him any day to get such a cool t-shirt." - Conan O'Brien

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