How Sully's Turned a Classic Boston Sports Chant Into Punk Rock Gold 18 Years Ago

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If you like hardcore music you've likely heard of Bridge Nine Records, and if you like Boston sports you've definitely heard of Sully's, but did you know the sports brand was originally started solely to fund the hardcore punk albums released on Bridge Nine? When Sully's founder Chris Wrenn was just 19 years old, he started a record label in his dorm room. Then, in the spring of 2000, he walked to Fenway Park from Boston's Mission Hill with friends from his bands and a backpack full of bumper stickers taking aim at Boston's rivals.  The plan? To make the much needed money to release a record with his roommates in the band American Nightmare. What happened next took the hardcore music scene of the early 2000's worldwide and cemented the Bridge Nine label as one of its most recognized ambassadors. Read about it courtesy of No Echo HERE

Pictured here is Sully's (& Bridge Nine) founder Chris Wrenn (left) with Wes Eisold (American Nightmare, right) hawking bumper stickers to fans leaving Fenway Park in the spring of 2000. Photo by Kate Bowen.

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