Merciless End to Uneven NFL Season

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Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks.  They were without a doubt the best team, and they executed damn near flawlessly in the biggest game of their lives.  Seattle never wins anything and the Seahawks used to have sweet uniforms in the 80s before Nike ruined them, so it was hard to root against them.  And it is not like we could find a single season to root for Denver.

The 2013 football season did not have a repeat of the referee lockout / fiasco, but still, it was not a banner year for the league.  Over the past couple of seasons, we have come to the opinion that the league has begun a long slow decline into flag football.  The football your kids will watch will be a shell of the once mighty game.  We see the turning point as bringing in Roger Goodell.  Goodell has a tough gig, but many of the proposed changes to the game (longer regular season, more teams in the playoffs, ruining kickoffs, eliminating extra points, etc.) are beyond terrible.  Football wasn’t broke, didn’t need fixing, but it looks like they’ll ruin it just because they can.


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