If You Make Or Sell 'BOSTON STRONG' Themed Merchandise, You Should Donate ALL PROCEEDS

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Not a portion of, not $5, but any and ALL profit. All legit organizations raising money for the victims of the Marathon bombing are donating ALL proceeds, and selling merchandise that doesn't only diverts money AWAY from the people that need it. Sully's chose not to make "Boston Strong" merch but instead offered a special edition blue/yellow Marathon themed "Believe In Boston" t-shirt and bracelet, a slogan that we have been championing for just shy of a decade. Our office has donated over $60,000 to date to Boston's ONE FUND (paid, not just pledged) and it bothers us when we see all of these opportunists jumping on the bandwagon to line their pockets. If people are donating all proceeds, and you only donate a portion, you are diverting money away from those who need it. Pretty easy math! If you're selling BOSTON STRONG or Marathon themed merchandise, please donate ALL proceeds, and if you're buying it, please know where your money is going!  

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