Sully’s Caption Contest Comes to a Close

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Our caption contest for the above picture ended today and we pleasantly surprised with how many legitimately funny responses we received. We should hire some of you peeps to come up with shirt ideas.
The winner is Michael_F for his caption: “ ...and for this I shaved my head???”
It was a very difficult to select a winner. We argued about this for at least half an hour, and while there were many funny general J-E-T-S suck captions, we were looking for people to comment on his particularly funny picture of FiredoucheEd.

Other notable submissions include:
-Sh!t I left my mikes hard cranberry in the freezer
-Looks like someone is giving him a bad bj with his fireman hat on (this was our immediate thought)
-This is going to be a wonderful jets game! –Said No one ever
-At least I'm Not a Bills Fan
-F-I-R-E REX, REX, REX!!!!!
-I remember my first turnover.
-I wonder if Chad Pennington is busy?

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