Believe in Boston Banner Will Get You on the Board

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There is a lot to like about this picture from last night’s instant classic victory over Montreal.
-Flying the Sully’s Believe in Boston (Black & Gold) Banner is the perfect way to celebrate a goal and get you and your buds on the big board.
-Dude with goatee and backwards hat wearing the worst Bruins Jersey ever created (the gold ‘Winnie the Poo’ jersey) being very careful not to spill any of that $8 beer.
-Two rows of Montreal fan bumming. Sit on it Frenchie.
-Lots of bored people in the expensive seats wondering who let the real fans into the club section.
-The most psyched person is the Mom with the glasses. I would give your effort two big thumbs up Ma.
-Shout out to the kid in the Xaverian sweatshirt. Big up to the Hawks and Clapboardtree Street in Westwood. One of these years we will win the Super 8.

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