The Instigators: Episode Eight - Winter Classic Results in the NHL's First Rain Delay

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The Instigator’s Crew debated whether or not the potential of poor weather and a lengthy delay might ruin the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh. The original start time was 1 PM, but the game was moved to 8 PM because of rain showers. This additional seven hours of getting intoxicated was a blessing to hockey fans everywhere. Rain continued for most of the game, coming down heavily at times, but it did not seem to affect the players. Great to see Washington pick up the win; they should switch back full time to the 80s jerseys.
While the delay may have caused some problems with NBC’s prime time schedule, the move was a big success for the NHL. NBC beat all the major networks in the coveted 18-to-49 demographic.
New Year’s Day is on a Sunday next year. We recommend that the NHL move the game to New Year’s Eve to avoid a ratings disaster going up against the NFL. I think many viewers would skip their usual Three Stooges marathon on New Year’s Eve to watch the Winter Classic.

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