The Batter's Box – Episode Fourteen Capsule

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This week’s episode would determine who would face off against Jimmy in the Batter’s Box Championship, salon Andy or tanning bed Bill. Dandy of a ballgame according to Stephen. As usual, Bill got base runners on with easy single questions, and sprinted out to a 3-1 in the first with a home run in his final at-bat.  Wade Anthony Boggs may have won the series with the Yankees, and finished up with the Devil Rays, but he is in the Hall as a Sox. Wow, we forgot about “The World According to Roger” column in the Herald. Those were interesting times to be a Sox fan. Mark this one down: last player to hit a home run in the “old” Yankee Stadium; Pedroia the Destroy-ah! Ah that record high magical 105 win season in 1912, how we fondly remember you. Darn that record low 43 win season in 1932, it was all Shano Collins’ fault. Andy snatched the lead back in the second inning going up 4-3, as Bill left the door open missing several difficult questions. Andy had the momentum going into the third, but quickly lost it missing his first two questions. However Andy’s pinch hitter Chris helped him remember that Mo Vaughn was never the Sox captain. Bill stole back the lead with an inexplicably easy home run question. Three of the answer choices were completely ludicrous for a grand slam total (37, 54, 93), even for Babe Ruth. Down to his last at-bat, Andy swung for the fences in an attempt to grab back the lead, but he was unable to correctly remember the correct numbers of sets of brothers that have played for the Sox (ten).

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