The Batter's Box – Episode Thirteen Capsule

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The first game of the semi-finals featured fan-favorite Jimmy against mad dog Mike. Jimmy was forced to work the count in his first at-bat on a tricky double question, but he successfully narrowed down the ‘famous’ event at Fenway on January 5, 1934 to be a fire. Who could forget such a memorable baseball moment. Tom Yawkey owned the team for a longer period of time, but Jimmy should have known Harry Frazee (of No, No, Nanette fame) made a ridiculous comparison between show business and baseball. Mike loaded the bases in the first and attempted a triple, but ended the inning empty handed. Jimmy was able to push a runner across the plate in the first by remembering that the Sox shut out their opponents eleven times in 2009.
Mike was all business in the second inning, attempting to skip the chat with Stephen. Being the good host that he is, Stephen wasn’t having it. Pedro striking out the side on nine pitches, gosh  I miss those days. Will YOOOOOUUUK’s American League record of 179 errorless games at first base ever be broken? Could be a long time. One-hundred seventy-five RBIs in one season by Jimmy Foxx, that’s bonkers.
Jump Around Jimmy was help scoreless in the second, by failing to select fifty-five cents as the price of a Fenway bleacher seat in 1934. Mike loaded the bases in the second, again attempted a triple, but his pinch hitter was no help and tragically Mike was again held off the board.
Jimmy doubled his lead in the third. Mike made his move trying to tie the game up with another triple, but again he was unsuccessful as he did not know Victor Martinez’s middle name. Jimmy left the door open for Mike by missing a home run question, but tough luck struck Mike again as he was ultimately shutout. Mike lost this game more than Jimmy won it, but a win is a win and Jimmy was defiantly psyched to backdoor into the championship game.  

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