The Batter's Box – Episode Nine Capsule

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The quarterfinals began this week with Jump Around Jimmy facing Matt the Mountain on the Boston Baseball Tournament. Contestants had to step their game up if they wanted to continue accumulating Sully’s t-shirts and improve their chances to win the romantic getaway to Vermont. The difficulty of the questions was certainly elevated for the second round.  
A pitcher’s duel kept both players off the board in the first inning. Hard to believe that Scott Cooperwas Boston’s only All-Star selection in ’93 and ‘94, but those were trying times. And I thought Cooper only had one good season.  Roger Clemens, one at-bat in a Sox uniform, one single; and they say no one bats 1.000. They just don’t make nicknames like they used to; where have you gone Sad Sam Jones.
Jimmy really stepped up his game in the second inning, scoring four runs in impressive fashion immediately answering some tough questions. Matt continued to get runners on, but come up empty swinging for the fences. No word on whether or not “Jurassic” Carl Everett finally started believing in dinosaurs, but got to love him for breaking up that Mike Musina perfect game bid with a pinch hit single in the ninth.
Jimmy continued to pound Matt in the third inning, with the final score reflecting 7-4. Not sure why I knew Tom Yawkey passed away from leukemia, but it is a terrible disease without a cure so consider lending a hand.  Fred Lynn, four gold gloves, never should have left Boston.
Overall it was an excellent episode. Love Stephen joking around with Jimmy. And good to see Jimmy showing some personality, having some fun out there.

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