The Batter's Box – Episode Six Capsule

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The first round continued Sunday night with Glouster’s Katie facing off against hairdresser Andy from Revere. Andy followed the get ‘em on, get ‘em over, and get ‘em in strategy in the first inning, jumping out to a 3-0 first inning lead. Katie dropped the ball missing some less difficult questions, including how many entrances there are at Fenway Park, and who accompanies Kevin Costner to Fenway in Field of Dreams. You shouldn’t need multiple choice for those questions.  
Great to see Zimmer as an answer selection, even if the question was about him getting canned with four games left in the 1980 season. Katie’s tough luck continued in the second inning as Andy turned the diamond into a merry-go-round, expanding his lead to 6-0. Very glad Andy remembered that Marty Barrett was the ALCS MVP in 1986. Must have been a poor year for managers in 1999 if Jimy Williams was AL manager of the year. I would not trust that guy with a little league bullpen. Bob Stanley, the Steamer, ‘nuf said. Katie finally scored a run in the third by remembering that Wakefield was the losing-est pitcher in Red Sox history, but it was too little too late. Dominating from start to finish, Andy emerged victorious 8-3.

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