The Batter's Box - Episode Four Capsule

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Week four of the Batter’s Box pitted the lovely Colleen against mad dog Mike. Mike jumped out to a quick two run lead in the first inning, stringing together a couple doubles while Colleen was unable to advance her runner past first. Best question from the first inning was about the classic New England candlepin bowling program “Candlepins for Cash” and the program’s famous host. Mike missed a couple of easy questions in the second inning, opening the door for Colleen to tie it up with a two run home run. I did not realize I remembered the correct answer until it popped up as one of the choices; can you remember which sitcom TV38 often played during Sox rain delays in the 1980s? Mike pulled away in the third inning scoring three runs with the help of his pinch hitter, but Colleen narrowly missed tying up the game with a home run in her last at bat. Much like in roulette when you always bet on black, when Mike Greenwell is a multiple answer choice, select the Gator.

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