The Batter's Box – Episode Three Capsule

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The first round of the Boston Baseball Trivia Tournament continued with Matt battling Bobby in week three of the Batter’s Box. Matt’s two diamond earrings really made the Jeter Drinks Wine Coolers t-shirt pop! Every question in the first inning was answered correctly except for one by Matt, who missed out on scoring two additional runs because he did not know the tallest player on this season’s Sox roster. Bobby was primed to climb back into the game in the second inning, but again missed a key question when his pinch hitter (Ducca) steered him to a very close but incorrect answer choice. Down five going into the final inning, Bobby had his work cut out for him. After loading the bases before beginning his Rally, Bobby tied the game up with a grand slam and two home runs. However as the home team, Matt still had a chance to win the game in his last at-bat. Matt struggled with a painfully easy single question, but was still able to walk away with the victory. Got to tip our hat to the question writers for including “Disco Stu” as a nickname answer. Never a bad idea to include Disco Stu.

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