The Batter's Box – Episode One Capsule

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Matt and Tony squared off in the first week of the Boston Baseball Tournament aka The Batter’s Box. Not for lack of effort, but Tony wasn’t able to push any runners across home plate. Matt jumped out to a big early lead and never looked back. Our only qualm with the questions from week one were the questions about spring training. Spring training statistics aren’t on baseball cards and no one cares. Didn’t seem fair to be asking questions about games that may or may not have been televised. We love the Sox with all our hearts, but if you’re watching spring training games, you’ve officially got too much time on your hands.
The set looks amazing. The only thing that might have made it cooler would have been if the host, Stephen Donovan, had a Bob Barker style skinny microphone. We realize that it would have been unnecessary as Stephen didn’t have to walk about the set, but it still would have been badass. Also, love the intense thinking music when contestants are searching their memories for the answer.  
Cannot wait to see how the tournament heats up in the coming weeks!

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