The Boss - 1930-2010

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The Sully’s Crew chooses to remember George Michael Steinbrenner III in two very specific ways.  
First, for his charity. Sully’s contributes a check every year, but The Boss wrote HUGE checks for the Jimmy Fund Telethon every year. Enough good things cannot be said about the organization and the work they do. If we had to guess, that was probably only a drop in the bucket as far as Steinbrenner’s charitable giving went.
Secondly, we remember The Boss as the lovable tormentor of George Costanza on Seinfeld. The Steinbrenner character may have been played by some random actor and voiced by Larry David, but watch this montage of his greatest moments and try not to laugh. You can’t. Steinbrenner’s actual appearance on the show for the Season 7 finale was cut due to time constraints, but you can check it out HERE.
George Michael Steinbrenner III, rest in peace.

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