Conan's Father Knocking a Hotdog Out of His Hand Cause Jim Rice Dropped a Fly Ball T-Shirt

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We sent Conan O'Brien a quarantine care package from Boston with a few of our t-shirts. Shockingly, Conan spent three minutes of his monologue discussing our "Zakim Bridge" tee, referring to it as "phallic". He said that if we wanted to send him a t-shirt to remind him of his childhood (as he'd left Boston in 1985 and the bridge wasn't built until 2003), that it should "have his father knocking a hotdog out of his hand cause Jim Rice dropped a fly ball."*

Well, with the help of Fenway Park caricature artist Michael Horvath, we have.

Available for a limited time in Unisex, Youth and Ladies Classic Fit t-shirts!

* "My father never did actually knock a hot dog out of my hand, but it's a Freudian nightmare of mine. My dad is a sweet and brilliant man, but I'll lie about him any day to get such a cool t-shirt." - Conan O'Brien

Printed on a high ring spun 100% cotton navy blue t-shirt.

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