Our Latest 'Fight Club' Tee Raised $30,000 for the Jimmy Fund!

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This all started with a pretty simple t-shirt. Our Fight Club franchise of tees (going back to 2008, still bummed that we didn't start in '04 with V-Tek) has always championed athletes who are willing to throw down for their team. In 2021, we realized we should honor someone who is taking on a very different kind of fight, the one and only Jerry Remy. After Alex Cora wore our Jerry Remy Fight Club tee during his interview on NESN during the Jimmy Fund telethon, we decided to add it to the store to try and make as big of a donation as possible. As a multi-year sponsor in the past of the Jimmy Fund, we love and respect the work that they do. We had the honor of working alongside of them to build awareness for their efforts and got to sit down with several of their patients during our time there.

The shirt resonated with people after Alex wore it, and then it started popping up more - Chris Sale repped it during several post-game pressers, a few other players had it on the field during batting practice. It got people talking about the much-missed personality and allowed us to make a very significant donation of $30,000 to the Jimmy Fund in his honor.

Our biggest donation ever to them, in fact! And the 2nd largest donation in our history as a brand. Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts and for making this happen.

Photo of Alex Cora and Sully's Founder Chris Wrenn by Chris Padgett.

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