Georgia's Salem Gold Coin Hunt Returns in 2020!

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One of our highlights last October in Salem was 9 year old Georgia's gold coin hunt. It has returned this year with the help of her friends at the Peabody Essex Museum, with this mask wearing "Witch" on a shiny gold coin. We've scaled things back a little this year and are only hiding coins on Saturdays and Sundays in October, but tune in to Georgia's Instagram page HERE to read the clues and help you on your hunt for gold in Salem! All hiding locations are outdoors, and please wear a mask and socially distance while looking! Can't make it to Salem this year? Check out Georgia's online store and pick up some of her spooky new products, since she won't be out vending this month like she has in past years!

1. Saturday, October 3rd: FOUND! At the Peabody Essex Museum entrance.

2. Sunday, October 4th: FOUND! At Emporium 32.

3. Saturday, October 10th: FOUND! At Hive & Forge.

4. Sunday, October 11th: FOUND! At the Kakawa Chocolate House.

6. Saturday, October 17th: FOUND! At Charter Street Cemetery / Old Burying Point.

7. Sunday, October 18th: FOUND! At Artist's Row.

8. Saturday, October 24th: FOUND! At under a mural in the outdoor Urban Art Museum in the Point neighborhood!.

9. Sunday, October 25th: FOUND! At the Howard Street Cemetery.

10. Saturday, October 30th: FOUND! At the Salem Public Library.

11. Sunday, October 31st: FOUND! At Proctor's Ledge.

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