Georgia's Gold Coin Hunt Returns To Salem in October!

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The “Georgia Made This” Coin Hunt returns this year! Search for shiny gold coins embossed with Georgia’s original illustrations, hidden outdoors in Salem throughout the month of October. Clues will be released for each coin on weekends at noon, so make sure to follow us and @PeabodyEssex on Instagram. If you find one, tag us in your stories. Good luck!

1. Saturday, October 2nd: FOUND! At Old Town Hall.

2. Sunday, October 3rd: FOUND! At the John Ward House.

3. Saturday, October 9th: FOUND! At Red's Sandwich Shop.

4. Sunday, October 10th: FOUND! At the East India Fountain.

6. Saturday, October 16th: FOUND! At St. Peter's Church.

7. Sunday, October 17th: FOUND! At the Samuel Pickman House.

8. Saturday, October 23rd: FOUND! At the Andrew-Safford Carriage House.

9. Sunday, October 24th: FOUND! At the Old Quaker Meeting House.

10. Saturday, October 30th: FOUND! At the Derby House.

11. Sunday, October 31st: FOUND! At the Ropes Mansion.


Photo of Georgia by Christopher Padgett

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