Find Georgia's Gold Coins hidden around Salem!

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Georgia Wrenn, the 7-year-old daughter of Sully's founder Chris Wrenn (and owner of her own brand, Georgia Made This) will be out hiding gold 2019 Salem coins around the city throughout the month of October! Clues for how to find them will be released each day at noon via her Instagram page. Read the clues, and find her super-rare bronze and gold souvenir Salem coins!

1. Tuesday, October 1st (Bronze): FOUND!
2. Wednesday, October 2nd (Bronze): FOUND!
3. Thursday, October 3rd (Bronze): FOUND!
4. Friday, October 4th (Bronze): FOUND!
5. Saturday, October 5th (Bronze): FOUND!
6. Saturday, October 5th (Gold): FOUND!
7. Sunday, October 6th (Bronze): FOUND!
8. Sunday, October 6th (Gold): FOUND!
9. Monday, October 7th (Bronze): FOUND!
10. Tuesday, October 8th (Bronze): FOUND!
11. Wednesday, October 9th (Bronze): FOUND!
12. Thursday, October 10th (Bronze): FOUND!
13. Friday, October 11th (Bronze): FOUND!
14. Saturday, October 12th (Bronze): FOUND!
15. Saturday, October 12th (Gold): FOUND!
16. Sunday, October 13th (Bronze): FOUND!
17. Sunday, October 13th (Gold): FOUND!
18. Monday, October 14th (Bronze): FOUND!
19. Monday, October 14th (Gold): FOUND!
20. Tuesday, October 15th (Bronze): FOUND!
21. Wednesday, October 16th (Bronze): FOUND!
22. Thursday, October 17th (Bronze): FOUND!
23. Friday, October 18th (Bronze): FOUND!
24. Saturday, October 19th (Bronze): FOUND!
25. Saturday, October 19th (Gold): FOUND!
26. Sunday, October 20th (Bronze): FOUND!
27. Sunday, October 20th (Gold): FOUND!
28. Monday, October 21st (Bronze): FOUND!
29. Tuesday, October 22nd (Bronze): FOUND!
30. Wednesday, October 23rd (Bronze): FOUND!
31. Thursday, October 24th (Bronze): FOUND!
32. Friday, October 25th (Bronze): FOUND!
33. Saturday, October 26th (Bronze): FOUND!
34. Saturday, October 26th (Gold): FOUND!
35. Sunday, October 27th (Bronze): FOUND!
36. Sunday, October 27th (Gold): FOUND!
37. Monday, October 28th (Bronze): FOUND!
38. Tuesday, October 29th (Bronze): FOUND!
39. Wednesday, October 30th (Bronze): FOUND!
40. Thursday, October 31st (Bronze): FOUND!
41. Thursday, October 31st (Gold): FOUND!

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