Successful Second Fenway Field Trip

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We would like to thank everyone that attended our second Fenway Field Trip on Tuesday June 17th (aka the 6.17 game).  We saw some familiar faces and meet a lot of new patrons which is always a pleasure.  It was the first Fenway game ever for a few attendees and we felt privileged to share in that joyous experience.  The roof deck pre-game party at Remy’s was a hot one, but cold beers, World Cup action, and games of Baggo (or conrhole depending on your hometown) helped dull the heat.  Boston played another tightly contested cointest and eked out a narrow victory, as was the case with our first Fenway Field Trip.  June is a wonderful month for baseball in Boston.  It is a crying shame there are so few June home games on the schedule. 


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