Salem, Massachusetts 2020 Commemorative Coin

Georgia Made This

  • 1000

Georgia illustrated this mask-wearing Witch for her 2020 Salem, Massachusetts commemorative coin. It is 40mm in diameter and was minted in a limited-edition of only 100 pieces with an antique nickel finish. Both sides were drawn by Georgia when she was 8 years old.
There was also a very limited version of the 2020 coin with an antique bronze finish. Minted in an edition of only 31 pieces, these were originally made to be part of Georgia's month-long coin hunt, and had to be pulled when the event was pushed to just being on the weekends. This is one of the most unique (& scarce!) Salem commemorative pieces for 2020 and has sold out.
Her 2019 coins are long sold out so collectors, see what you missed HERE.
Coins are packaged in a 40mm coin plastic case. 

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