Salem, Massachusetts 2019 Commemorative Coin

Salem, Massachusetts 2019 Commemorative Coin

Sully's Brand

  • 800

This Georgia illustrated 2019 Salem, Massachusetts commemorative coin is 40mm in diameter and was minted in a limited edition of only 100 pieces with an antique nickel finish. The "Heads" skull drawing was illustrated by Georgia when she was just 6 years old, and the "Tails" cat drawing just as she turned 8. 

Packaged in a 40mm coin plastic case. 

Like a challenge? Georgia ALSO made 31 golden bronze coins, and 13 shiny gold plated coins! The catch though... is they're not for sale. You have to find one! They're hidden all over Salem, Massachusetts and each day in October, we'll be releasing clues on her Instagram and Facebook pages to help you find them. It's up to you to track one down! Winners get to keep the coin, and if you register its number at Coon's Card & Gift Shop in Salem, you'll win a FREE Georgia Made This t-shirt of your choice! Details (and follow the monthly journey) HERE! (October 1st through 17th) and HERE (October 18th and going)

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