Breaking News: Negative Shirts on Sale in Boston!

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If we had to guess this must have been the (un-credited) authors first trip through Kenmore Square during a Red Sox game.  Fan brand shirts that poke fun and antagonize the opposition have been around for decades.  Alongside our more positive products, Sully’s Street team has been known to sell more risqué and arguably offensive shirts for the past fifteen years.  Every Sully’s tee is not for every Sully’s patron.  Don’t like it, don’t buy it!  Keep walking or avert your eyes.  The current controversy is ridiculous.  Why is everyone so eager to take offense?  Sully’s has been selling the Subban shirt for a couple years and it had absolutely nothing to do with race.  Anyone that would suggest otherwise does not know us well enough to properly comment.  Sully’s is concerned with black and gold, not the opposition’s race, gender, or religious beliefs.  Feel free to join the conversation HERE, but we would advise everyone to spend their time on more useful endeavors.


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