The Instigators: Episode 19 – Hybrid Icing

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This week’s thrilling installment of The Instigators:LIVE had BillyJ moderating the discussion between usual instigating suspects, BarryP, Craig Janney (who for the record NEVER wore Cooperalls), and Mark Mowers.
The one and only new rule that appears likely to be introduced next season is hybrid icing. In comparison to touch icing where it is a race to the puck, with hybrid icing the linesmen now have the ability to whistle a play dead for icing if the defender appears certain to reach the puck first, or waive icing off if the attacking player appears to be able to win the race.
The Sully’s Crew backs this minor rule adjustment. This is just another way to avoid unnecessary collisions and reduce injuries. Linesmen don’t have that much on their plate, just call offsides and break-up fights. Adding one judgment call to their duties does not appear to be asking too much. I wish my league had hybrid icing when I was a young defensemen.

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