The Instigators: Episode 17 – Keep Your Head Up

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Moderator change on The Instigators: LIVE with Randy Scott hosting usual suspects Jack, the Brick, and Mark Mowers. This week’s installment featured a heated discussion of Dallas’ Eric Nystrom hit on Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang. Catch this video HERE.
Nystrom received a two-minute roughing penalty on the play and no supplementary discipline. The Sully’s Crew feels the punishment was adequate for this check.
Letang is in a vulnerable position reaching forward with his stick with his head down. Letang has to know that a forward is coming down the wall hard and as to pick his head up. Nystrom does not target the head, and hits Letang in the shoulder, which snaps Letang’s head back. Nystrom cannot control the fact that Letang is a star player for the Penguins who has already had one serious concussion this year. That hit is hockey, and people need to deal with it.

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