The Instigators: Episode 16 – Bs Hangin' Tough

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On this week’s installment of the The Instigators:LIVE BillyJ moderated the discussion between Ian Moran, Dale A, and first time Instigator and former Bruins first round pick Gord Kluzak. Good to have Gord aboard; he’s great on the post-game show. Really brings some humor to the table.
This week the team briefly discussed the recent NHLPA poll in which the Bruins were voted as having the top three toughest players in the league by a wide margin.

The results were as followed: LUCIC 20%; Chara 17%; Thornton 11%; Brian McGrattan (Nashville) 7%; George Parros (Anaheim) 4%

Hard to argue with this list. All five players are certainly incredibly tough. I would love to have read the description of this category to see how the poll defined ‘toughness.’ For our money, the Sully’s Crew would have put Chara ahead of Lucic. No one likes to come close to Chara and absolutely no one wants to fight him.

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