The Instigators LIVE: Episode 11: Winter Classic

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Congratulations are in order as Tim Thomas was named starting a starting goaltender for the All-Star game. It was satisfying to see Thomas edge out Toronto’s completely undeserving Reimer. Think the league may have been stuffing that ballot box hard on the last day.
This week on The Instigators LIVE the question came up as whether or not there should still be an All-Star game when the Winter Classic is the league’s marquee mid-season showcase. I do not think too many fans would care if they did away with the All-Star game, but the sponsors would cry and the players that do not attend would miss the time away from the rink.
Let’s all cut the crap and give hockey fans what they want: Bruins @ Red Wings for the 2013 Winter Classic at the Big House. It makes way too much sense.

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