The Instigators LIVE: Episode 7 – Realignment

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This week’s installment of The Instigators LIVE featured Tom moderating the discussion between Jack, Brick, and Barry Pederson. The topic of NHL realignment came up and we needed to throw in our two cents.
Quite surprised that the NHL was able to pull together a fairly equitable realignment. It will be a bit of a drag to see teams like the Flyers, Rangers, and Penguins less (to see teams like the Blue Jackets, Avalanche, and Blue Jackets more), but that is the only way every team can come to town at least once a season. Once Phoenix moves back to Quebec it will be great to have the Nordiques back in the Bruins division. The having to first two rounds of the playoff within your division will quickly reignite old rivalries and create new ones, but will also result in some deserving teams being left out of the playoffs altogether because they are in the wrong division. Overall, the NHL could have done a lot worse!

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