The Instigators LIVE: Episode 5 – Trouble in DC

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Pre-Thanksgiving installment of the Instigators LIVE this week featured Dale moderating Brian, Barry Pederson, and Mark Mowers. The gang was in high spirits after another big win for the Bruins in Buffalo.
The question of what was wrong with Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Caps came up. After another strong regular season, the Caps were rudely swept out of the playoffs last year by the upstart Lightening. The Caps got off to a quick start this season, are enduring hard times, falling out of first place in the Southeast Division. We are not sure too much is wrong with Ovechkin, but the Caps seem to have tuned out their coach. Can’t trade the players so as good a coach as Boudreau is, it might be time for him to go. It is hard to win games with the turnstile defense and poor goaltending the Caps have received. We really expected better from Vokoun but he appears to have lost any rebound control he once had. Combine that with a team taking too many lazy penalties, and you’ve got a problem. They need to play Ovechkin more than twenty minutes a night and let him light it up.  
Fashion note to Mark Mowers: NEVER wear a brown suit. You’ll just end up looking like a big turd.

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