The Instigators LIVE: Episode 4 – Rule Changes

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Tom was back moderating The Instigators LIVE this week and received his birthday cake in the final segment while getting in a dig at Brick. Brian Leetch and Billy Jaffe were instigating this week as well.
A discussion ensued about what rule change one would like to see implemented immediately. There were some proponents of no-touch icing and we were hoping someone would bring up the issue of coach’s challenge, but (again) we agree with Brick. All too often a penalty is called when a player’s stick is slashed out of his hands, but is not broken. This should NEVER be a penalty. It is the player’s responsibility to hold onto their stick tightly. The rules should be clarified to make sure a minor penalty is not called on these types of plays.
PS - “Always open season on Jack Edwards”

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