RIP Nate Dogg - God Needed a Regulator

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I've been at Sully's for what is about to be four years, and nobody, and I mean nobody has helped me pass more time while packing t-shirts.

Thanks to the greatest invention since the internet itself, Pandora, the smooth vocals of Nate Dogg have bounced off the walls at Sully's HQ more than mine and Frank's voice combined. If Nate Dogg's not singin' the hook, then you're not doing it right.

When I first learned of Nate Dogg's passing, Frank was the first person I texted. His rhymes went hand-in-hand with the hard work that goes on behind closed doors at the Sully's capital of the world, and will continue to do so long after his passing. Sully's stays Regulating.

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