The Instigators : Episode Fourteen – Trade Toronto’s First Round Pick?

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This week Bob Beers and the ever popular Lyndon Byers (known universally as LB) joined Mike on The Instigators . Today’s topic comes from the Get Instigated segment, where fans of the show can submit a question to be answered on air. “Cheapshot” wanted to get the Instigators opinion on whether or not the Bruins should entertain trade offers for Toronto’s first round draft pick in the upcoming draft (acquired in the Kessel trade).
LB and Beers both made excellent points. LB wanted to hold onto the pick at any cost. Beers said you would have to consider trading the pick for the right trade package.
The old guard is passing the torch to a younger generation of players, and the Bruins need as many top level prospects in the pipeline as possible. With Boston right up against the cap for the foreseeable future, keeping the pick and maybe letting him stay with his junior team for a year would help alleviate some cap frustration. And the Toronto pick should be a lottery pick as Toronto currently sits fifth from the bottom and will likely continue to unload quality players as the trade deadline approaches. Some of the teams currently behind Toronto (Islanders & Devils, not Oilers & Senators) have been playing well and should likely jump ahead of the Leafs by the end of the season. The odds are stacked against Boston winning the lottery, but hey, stranger things have happened. If you keep the pick and select another future all-star caliber player to ride shotgun with Seguin for the next seven years, I like the Bruins chances.
But if the right player package were available, you would have to consider trading the pick away. Boston still has their own first round pick, so it is not like you would completely be out of the first round. I would not like to see the pick traded for a rental player, only for a player who could help the team wins for years. Perhaps a Rick Nash if he were to become available.
Whatever you choose Peter Chiarelli, please just do not let it involve a contract extension for Ryder.

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