The Instigators: Episode Twelve – DVR Fail / Goalie Fights

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My DVR failed so I missed this week’s episode of the The Instigators. This error was compounded when I learned that 98.5’s Bob Beers made a guest appearance this week. Beers was not the greatest player during his time in Boston, but man, think of the great Sully’s tees we could have made with that name. Bob does a great job with the radio call of the Bruins game and we hope to see him back on the The Instigators soon. Fun fact: Beers was traded to Edmonton by Tampa Bay for Chris Joseph, November 11, 1993.
Since we could not check out the episode, we will just pick a hot subject and jump in: Goalie Fights!
New York Islanders goalie, BU one hit wonder, Team USA failure, and Winthrop native Rick DiPietro started a melee at the end of their game against Pittsburgh on February 2. DiPietro left his crease to interfere with (surprise) Matt Cooke and the two collided. With the Penguins firmly in control of the game, everyone started pairing off in the corner. Pittsburgh’s back-up goaltender Brent Johnson made the trip down the ice to square off with DiPietro. DiPietro was smiling going into the fight, but was not on the way out. Johnson knocked DiPietro out with one solid left hand. After the fight we joked that the often injured DiPietro would use this as an excuse to go back on the disabled list for about 4-6 weeks. The next day it was announced that DiPietro was out 4-6 weeks with facial fractures and knee swelling.
Long term injuries aside, we love goalie fights. I love how the referees tried to break up the goalie fight before it began, but the next day the NHL network is counting down the top 10 goalie fights on NHL on the Fly Final and on
Bottom line: goalie fights are good for hockey.

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