The Instigators: Episode Four – Sean Avery's Antics

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This week’s topic from The Instigators that was in need of further discussion is whether or not Sean Avery’s antics are good or bad for the game of hockey.
Sean Avery has a long track record of disrespecting the game, his fellow NHLPA union members, and generally everyone and everything not Sean Avery. For example, remember Avery’s shameful eye shielding episode with Martin Brodeur that resulted in a rulebook rewrite. We HATE Brodeur, but even mites know that’s not a hockey play. Further, remember Avery’s suspension for insulting his ex-girlfriend and smokin’ hot actress Elisha Cuthbert. Avery is one of those pests like Claude Lemieux; everyone in the league hates ‘em, but you’d love him if he were on your team. One can only imagine it was contacts like Avery’s that led Dallas Stars’ owner Tom Hicks to sell the team.

Avery was back in the headlines this week for an incident you can watch HERE. Long story short, Avery cleans out an Edmonton player with a clean check, Ladislav Smid (in his only fight of the season) comes over to challenge Avery. Avery appears to not want to fight, but then sucker punches Smid when he drops his guard. Of course Avery is fighting with his visor on and hitting the Smid while he’s down. A real class act. Once the Oilers realize what happened, a melee breaks out. Colin Fraser received a game misconduct, same for Brandon Dubinsky. I feel bad for Avery’s teammates that have to step up and defend these type of antics.

The Sully’s Crew is of the opinion that Avery’s most effective days as a player are behind him, and his antics greatly outweigh whatever benefit he may bring to whatever team is stupid enough to employ him (currently the New York Rangers). One can only hope they wise up and jettison him as soon as possible. The game of hockey will be better off the quicker Sean Avery fades into obscurity.
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