Green Monstah Pennant - $4.99

Green Monstah Pennant - Price: $4.99

8" x 16" GREEN MONSTAH felt pennant.

Green Monstah is a trademark of Sully's Tees LLC.

Don't Poke the Bear Pennant - $4.99

Don't Poke the Bear Pennant - Price: $4.99

This pennant measures 8” x 16”, the perfect size for your workspace or locker.  Our best advice: DON'T POKE THE BEAR!

Don’t Poke the Bear is a trademark of Sully’s Tees, LLC.

Believe in Boston Pennant - $4.99

Believe in Boston Pennant - Price: $4.99

Behold Sully’s 8"x16" felt BELIEVE IN BOSTON (Blue and Yellow Ribbon) pennant.  All proceeds from the sale of this item are being donated to The One Fund Boston in an effort to assist those most affected by the Marathon Bombing tragedy.

As of the end of March 2014, Sully’s has donated approximately $59K to The One Fund Boston.

Believe In Boston is a trademark of Sully's Tees LLC.

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