All Star Lame?

The most non-steroid related question of the Bud Selig era: Should the All Star Game count?

It's a simple question, really. But it comes with several responses and poses more questions, rather than resolving any major issues. In my opinion, the All Star Game should not determine home field advantage in the World Series. From a marketing standpoint, does it get more people to watch the game? Possibly. Does it get players to try harder? Perhaps.

Despite all that, most think that the All Star Game shouldn't need that stipulation for the game's best to step their game up, and for the fans of baseball to tune in.

Had it not been for the ninth inning clutch hitting of Michael Young, who knocked a two-out triple in the last inning of the 2006 mid-summer Classic, the 83-win St. Louis Cardinals would have had home field advantage over the 95-win Detroit Tigers.

A team with 83 wins has no business making the playoffs, never mind getting home field advantage in the World Series.

Before interleague play was introduced in 1997, the American League and National League only clashed twice a year, in the World Series, and in the All Star Game. If you want players to care more about the All Star Game, get rid of interleague play, or at the very least, lessen it. Maybe then the spirits of Pete Rose and Ted Williams will give the AL and NL squads a little sense of pride to be representing their leagues, instead of pulling a Manny Ramirez and seeing the All Star Game as a waste of time.

A 162-game season is too long of a season to potentially lose out on home field advantage to a team who would have been 13 games behind you if they were in your division. Even though it didn't happen in 2006, it could happen in the future, which is why something needs to be done before a very deserving team loses out on a World Series Championship because of an exhibition game.

Posted on July 12th 2010

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