Merciless End to Uneven NFL Season

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks.  They were without a doubt the best team, and they executed damn near flawlessly in the biggest game of their lives.  Seattle never wins anything and the Seahawks used to have sweet uniforms in the 80s before Nike ruined them, so it was hard to root against them.  And it is not like we could find a single season to root for Denver.

The 2013 football season did not have a repeat of the referee lockout / fiasco, but still, it was not a banner year for the league.  Over the past couple of seasons, we have come to the opinion that the league has begun a long slow decline into flag football.  The football your kids will watch will be a shell of the once mighty game.  We see the turning point as bringing in Roger Goodell.  Goodell has a tough gig, but many of the proposed changes to the game (longer regular season, more teams in the playoffs, ruining kickoffs, eliminating extra points, etc.) are beyond terrible.  Football wasn’t broke, didn’t need fixing, but it looks like they’ll ruin it just because they can.

Posted on February 04th 2014

Not Boston's Night

We knew Thursday’s subpar effort was on the horizon, unfortunately it occurred against a struggling Montreal squad.  Boston had strung together at least six solid efforts, had probably been reading their own press, and a regression to their usual offensive production mean had to occur.  Outplayed for the full sixty minutes, it just was simply not Boston’s night.  As bad as the Bruins were last night, we anticipate them rebounding strongly on Saturday afternoon against Edmonton.  After an incredible fifty-nine save shutout performance against San Jose, we look for Boston to solve Oilers’ goaltender Ben Scrivens early and often.

Posted on January 31st 2014

Bruins Continue to Impress

In all facets of the game, the Bruins continue to impress.  The crowd game old friend Tim Thomas a little bit of a hard time last night, which we could have done without.  Bailing on the team was weak, but it left the door wide open for Tuukka Rask to take the starting goalie reigns, which was exactly what the Bruins needed.  The highlight of the night was unquestionably Shawn Thornton’s goal, an incredible individual effort where he weaved and banged his way through all five Florida skaters.  Maybe the best goal of his career?

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Posted on January 29th 2014

Chara, Iginla Ignite Offensive Explosion

You knew the Bruins were going to come out ready to play on Saturday afternoon, having no games since MLK Day.  The same could not be said for Craig Berube’s Flyers, who for the most part sleepwalked through the entire game.  If I was a Flyer fan in attendance I would have demanded a refund.  Recently resigned Steve Mason was not great, allowing four goals on nineteen shots, but he received little help.  At times it appeared that all five Flyer skaters were standing still in their defensive zone, watching the Bruins cycle the puck.  Boston need to continue to pile up points before the Olympic break, because with so many Bruins playing crucial roles on Olympic teams, it is only human for there to be a letdown when returning to regular season play.

Posted on January 27th 2014

No Talib, No Contest

The Patriots were no match for the Broncos in Sunday’s wildly disappointing AFC Championship Game.  It is one thing for the PATS to lose, but another to basically fail in every aspect of the game, save a few great punts.  Perhaps the game could have been different if played in the Foxborough cold, but Denver fielded the more talented team and executed nearly flawlessly.  At least in the Baltimore AFC Championship game last year the PATS were in the game at halftime.  Not sure where the Patriots go from here.  The Tom Brady Championship window is nearly closed and there are no heir apparent in sight.

Posted on January 20th 2014

New England & Seattle: Embrace Your Hate

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Posted on January 19th 2014

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Posted on January 16th 2014

Drink Beer and Fight Trademark Registered

Sully’s trademark portfolio expanded by one on December 24, 2013 with the registration of our famous DRINK BEER AND FIGHT mark (Reg no. 4,454,972, serial no. 85933003).  We cannot count all the Drink Beer and Fight items we sold since the marks inception back in 2003.  We are extremely proud that so many patrons have been able to connect with this bold, yet complex, sentiment about passionate fandom.  Today, you can pick up a DB&F shirt, snapback hat, and sticker in the Sully’s eStore.  Potential trademark infringers beware: we are coming for you.  Copycats and bootleggers, keep biting our style; your lame designs just make our work more unique.

Posted on January 15th 2014

Celtics on Their Way to a Top Pick

Remember a while back when Boston was somehow in first place of their dreadful division? The Celtics have been playing down to their ability lately, losing their last nine games in a row.  Only Utah, Philly, Orlando, and Milwaukee have worse records.  It will be tough to catch the Bucks for the top spot in the lottery, but the second worst record should be their goal.  Rondo’s return certainly complicates things.  In theory the Celtics have to be better with Rondo in the line-up.  But will he be so frustrated with the lack of talent around him that Rondo plays passive, disinterested ball?  Or will Rondo come out and light it up in hopes of getting traded out of town.  Either way, the ball is in his court.

Posted on January 13th 2014

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Posted on January 11th 2014

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