What Was Sully's Up To Ten Years Ago This Month?

Oh, the same old stuff, bashing the Yankees.  This article (featuring a younger Sully's Brand founder, Chris Wrenn) was featured in the New York Post on April 11th, 2004.  Not much has changed, except maybe THREE Boston World Championship wins, haha.  You can check out the full article online HERE.  

Posted on April 23rd 2014

'Believe in Boston' Blue & Yellow Banner Available!

As with all of our Boston Marathon themed merchandise, ALL profits (after costs and expenses) are being donated to the One Fund Boston.  Sully’s has raised approximately $60,000  as of April 2014 through the sale of "Believe In Boston" apparel and merchandise.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to help raise money for those affected by the tragedy!  This BiB (Blue and Yellow) flag is a solid 24" tall x 36" wide, has two grommets, and costs a mere $14.99!  Pictured here are marathon participants Jean and Mark from Chicago, Illinois.  Congratulations on finishing the marathon!

Posted on April 21st 2014

Grab a BiB Hand Flags From The Yawkey Way Report

Receive this 12” x 18” Believe in Boston (Blue & Yellow) stick flag for FREE with purchase of the Yawkey Way Report magazine on Marathon Monday.  The stick flag is exclusive to the Fenway crowd on Monday, but a larger 24” x 36” Believe in Boston (Blue & Yellow) banner is available on our flags page.  Per Sully’s policy, all profits (after production cost and fees) will be donated to the One Fund Boston.  As of April 2014, Sully’s has donated almost $60K.  Thank you for your continued support.

Posted on April 21st 2014

Playoff Hockey!

The wait was excruciating but playoff hockey has finally returned to Boston and not a minute too soon!  What penalty box is complete without Sully's Drink Beer and Fight banner?  Spend $25+ in the Sully’s eStore and receive the Drink Beer and Fight Banner for FREE!  Details below.
When a post-whistle scrum breaks out, be sure to get your hockey gloves off first and be sure to be wearing Sully's. 

To participate in our ROUND1 promotion:
-Visit the Sully's eStore.
-Add $25+ worth of Sully's merchandise to your eCart.*
-Select the "Flags" tab and add the "Drink Beer and Fight Banner" to your eCart.
-Upon checkout, enter coupon code ROUND1 to receive the DB&F Banner for FREE!
-Receive your order in the near future and enjoy the flag your leisure!
-Promotion valid Wednesday April 16 @ 1p through Monday, April 28, 2014.
*Shipping and tax do not qualify as Sully's merchandise.

Posted on April 17th 2014

Join the Sully's Crew @ Fenway: May 6th vs. Cincinnati

Join us for our first Fenway Fieldtrip, where the Sully's Crew gathers our friends and loyal fans to catch a Boston home game!  For a mere $40 you will get a right field grandstand ticket, an exclusive t-shirt, a tote bag of goodies, and the most recent issue of the Yawkey Way Report.  Pick up a package deal HERE!

Posted on April 16th 2014

Bad But Not Bad Enough?

The Celtics are so bad they couldn’t even get tanking the season right.  If the Celtics do not improve their position in the lottery, this dreadful season will largely have been a waste.  The best way for the Celtics to regain respectability is to get high end talent at the top of the draft, not grabbing an also-ran with the fifth or sixth pick.  It is in the league’s best interest to have the Celtics back on top soon, so let’s all agree to fix the lottery to benefit of the Celitcs, Knicks, and Lakers.  No one wants to watch a Memphis / Toronto NBA Finals.

Posted on April 15th 2014

Sully's Believe in Boston Pennant to Benefit One Fund

Behold Sully's 8"x16" felt BELIEVE IN BOSTON (Blue and Yellow Ribbon) pennant.  This is the first of several impending Sully's pennants.
Per Sully's policy, ALL proceeds (after cost) from the sale of this pennant will be donated to The One Fund Boston in an effort to assist those most affected by the Marathon Bombing tragedy.  You can read all about Sully’s charitable efforts in Sarah Naughler’s article in the current Yawkey Way Report.  To date, Sully’s has donated approximately $59K to The One Fund Boston with more contributions on the way.
Don't forget that we recently restocked our BiB (Blue & Yellow Ribbon) benefit t-shirt, and we have a sharp BiB (Blue and Yellow) bracelet available as well.

Posted on April 11th 2014

Enough with the Shoot Outs / Recent Restocks

The Sully’s Crew are not members of the goaltending union, but we are all in agreement that the NHL needs to ditch the shootouts.  We know it will never happen because casual fans enjoy shootouts and go forbid a game end in a tie, but it is still fun to dream.  The good news is that there are no shootouts in the playoffs and the Bruins dominate at even strength.

The below shirts have been recently restocked:

-I Bleed Black and Gold Shirt

-Boston Hooligan (Circle Green) Shirt

-Don't Poke the Bear YOUTH Shirt

-Real Men Wear Black and Gold T-Shirt

-Boston Hooligan (Distressed Hockey) T-Shirt

Posted on April 09th 2014

The Officer Who Inspired a 'Believe In Boston' Tee

I was down at Fenway last night, making my way around the park with Sly from the Yawkey Way Report magazine when I ran into Officer Steve Horgan, better known as the bullpen cop that celebrated after David Ortiz's game tying grand slam against Detroit last fall.  I had to ask him to pose for a quick photo, which he happily obliged, something he will likely do thousands of times this season.  People lined up behind me once they realized who he was to get their photo taken with him too.  If you can't track him down during a Sox game, you can still grab the tee that he inspired HERE!

Posted on April 05th 2014

Kickstarting Our 15th Season at Fenway

As we prepare for our 15th season, our friend John at Social Palates Photography stopped by the other day to take some pictures of the carts that Kenmore Square regulars have come to know and love after the night games at Fenway.  You can pick up the new Sully's Brand "Believe In Boston" tee here for only $14.99, and look for our street crew when you leave the park!

Posted on April 04th 2014

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